Take Care of Yourself Challenge

Life is busy hella crazy and finding time to be and grow as an individual – not a mom, professional or a wife – is SO hard to do. Time you could spend focusing on yourself is often given up to make dinner, clean the house, or talk a screaming toddler off the ledge.

But, it’s time to take some of your time back for YOU. Underneath all the responsibilities and chores is a person needing your attention just as much as anybody else – you! And, your well being is SO important!

It may seem like taking care of the house and family matters more than taking care of you. But, trust me – you will feel a big positive difference when you take care of yourself and your house and family will benefit too.

That’s why we’ve committed to monthly goals that will help us (and YOU) take better care of ourselves.

Each month we will choose one way we’re committing to taking better care of ourselves (mind, body, sanity, you name it!). And, we invite you to join in the challenges! We’ll be posting follow up of how we did and what impacts we felt. So, welcome to month one!

Take Care of YOU Challenge – September 2017

This month’s challenge: Do something you LOVE doing for 20 minutes a day.

Sounds simple, right? But when was the last time you actually did it?

If it’s been so long ago that you don’t even know what you love to do anymore, don’t get depressed! Just pick something you used to love, are currently interested in or would love to love. It just can’t be something you feel like you should do but don’t really want to do – we all have enough of that.

I know this might seem like a silly goal, but I promise it’s not. The more I think about it the more I truly believe that we need to learn to enjoy life each day. Life is too short to go weeks or months or years without really enjoying ourselves. So, learn to enjoy life by ceasing the day – or at least 20 minutes of it.

What You Need For This Challenge

What you need for this challenge is going to vary depending on what you love to do. You might need a good book, a pair of running shoes, a sewing machine or a pen and paper. But, regardless of what you choose, there are two things you will need to do:

1. Choose a Time

Pick a time that will work each day to complete your goal. It’s OK if it varies a little bit, but try to make it around the same time each day. It will be easier for you to get in a routine of doing something enjoyable if it’s at the same time each day.

2. Tell your family what you’re doing

Tell your husband and kids what you’re doing. Let them know that just like you pay a bunch of money for lessons and chauffeur them to soccer encourage them to grow their talents, you’d like encouragement in developing yours. Then explain what that looks like. If you need to be shut in your room or get out of the house for the 20 minutes you’re focusing on you, let them know what to expect. Coordinate schedules with your husband and make it work!

My September Challenge

I LOVE to do crafts and DIY projects for my home. And, I can’t even remember the last time I did anything I could remotely classify as crafty. So, that’s my goal this month. I am going to spend 20 minutes a day working on crafts and projects that will get my house all cute and ready for fall.

Once I’ve done a few projects I’ll share what I’ve done! And, I’ll update you next month on what a month of daily crafting did for me. I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments!!

Ready, Set, GO!

Now you know the scoop, it’s time to get to it. Take care of YOU by doing something you LOVE for 20 minutes a day. You got this. And, it will be worth it. Life is way too short and awesome to go too long without having fun.

Remember, the goal is to live on a budget AND love life!

So, keep me posted on what you’ve decided to do and how it’s going. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.


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