Tips to Organize Your Kitchen on a Budget

So, let me guess: you’re dying to have a more organized kitchen, but money is reeeeally tight?

And you probably spend a lot of time in the kitchen, making food for your hectic family, so the mess is driving you bonkers.

Well, I totally get it! My kitchen is NOT a great example of organization, which is why I thought the both of us could benefit from this post today.

I’ve put together a bunch of tips from other bloggers about how to organize some of the biggest problem areas in your kitchen. They’ll show you how to organize your drawers, your fridge, and more!

And guess what? These tips are CHEAP! They won’t break the bank, but they will make your life a heck of a lot easier.

But that’s enough chatting from me – let’s take a look at these awesome ways to organize your kitchen on the cheap.

Tips to Organize Your Kitchen on a Budget

Organize Kitchen Drawers

Oh those kitchen drawers! It’s so easy to just throw stuff in there fast and add to the mess – especially when your kid is screaming. Especially when your kid just emptied that drawer onto the floor. Again.

But your kitchen drawers don’t have to be messy. Just take a look at these fabulous tips at This post has advice for organizing your utensils, dish towels, and even the dreaded ‘junk drawer’.Drawer containing spoons, forks, and clips.

And if you don’t want to go out and buy organizers for your kitchen drawers, you can make your own out of stuff you already have – take a look at this drawer organizer tutorial from

Organize Your Fridge

Next up is fridge organization. This is the messiest spot in my kitchen, for sure. I’m usually terrible at throwing away stuff that’s gone bad!

Luckily, has some expert tips to get your fridge all cleaned up and organized, and it won’t cost a thing.  You’ll even get suggestions for where you can put stuff in your fridge to keep things in order.

And if you like a good fridge-cleaning checklist, go check out – they’ve got an excellent list to make sure you don’t miss anything when you’re tidying up your fridge.

Organize Your Pantry

Another problem area for many people is the pantry. While I don’t have a pantry (I can only dream!), I’m sure if I did it would be a disaster! I know because my ‘food cupboard’ is a mess.

If your pantry is chaotic, don’t worry – you can get things in check with advice from the following posts. will show you how to clean up your pantry with lazy susans and mason jars.

 And has some great ideas for using baskets and containers to make your pantry pretty.

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Organize Your Tupperware

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you think about trying to tidy your Tupperware cupboard – all those lids! Thank goodness has laid out a fool-proof process for cleaning up your container cupboard. You can see all the simple steps right here.  

Start Organizing

If having a messy kitchen is getting old, take a quick look at the tips above. These kitchen organizing hacks are super budget-friendly and really simple – if you put them to use, soon, you could be enjoying a clutter-free, organized kitchen. So stop waiting around and get started today!

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