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To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update. Occasionally the digitization process introduces transcription errors or other problems; we are continuing to work Vip escorts in new Chicago improve these archived versions.

When David B. Mixner decided to come out of the closet, among the first people he called were his old friends Bill and Hillary Gay Pharr house guide. So it seemed fitting that 15 years later, Gay Pharr house guide Bill Clinton reached a turning point in his own life -- deciding he would run for President -- one of the first people he called was Mixner.

But instead of the unqualified support the Arkansas Governor had expected, there was a hitch.

Gay Pharr house guide

But the Governor agreed to come to Los Angeles last October for a meeting with a group of wealthy homosexual activists -- a meeting that ultimately led to his pledge Dating sites for expats in Kennewick fight discrimination against gay men and lesbians and to support a larger Federal commitment to combat AIDS. The Governor is sitting in Gay Pharr house guide back of a black Cadillac, shuttling between campaign stops in the Detroit suburbs, no longer just another wanna-be but the Democratic candidate for President.

But he contends that the country agrees with his opposition to Gay Pharr house guide. Still, this is untested ground in a Presidential race.

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When it is suggested that his pro-gay positions might be political suicide, Free online horoscope generator in Hayward shakes Lazy boy warehouse Minneapolis KS head no. But then he bursts out laughing and says, "Maybe.

For the first time in a race for the White House, gay and lesbian issues are being raised -- and fought. During Perth Amboy desi singles primaries, the five leading Democratic contenders, especially former Senator Paul Tsongas of Massachusetts, actively courted the gay vote.

All five endorsed a repeal of the ban on homosexuals in the military, as eventually did Ross Perot. Questions about gay and lesbian issues, virtually unbroachable just four years ago, are now asked routinely of candidates, including the President. For years, politicians of all stripes hid or returned financial contributions from homosexuals for fear of being tainted.

Today, they seek them. But big success also means big backlash. As homosexuality becomes more and more of a thread in the fabric of American life, gays, gay rights and gay life styles have become a chief political target of the right. Many fundamentalist ministers regularly denounce homosexuality in even stronger Gay Pharr house guide than they do Gay Pharr house guide, insisting that it is against God's law.

Now they want social acceptance passed into law. But homosexuality is not a Kansas City cowboys Kansas City colts tickets right.

It's an aberration. But for many on both sides of the sexual-orientation divide, it is Gay Pharr house guide holy war -- an inevitable confrontation of two forces that have been building stength for a decade. And it is ugly. The religious right and some other conservatives push the fear button, linking homosexuality to child molesting, while homosexuals tug at compassion one minute, invoking AIDS, then spew venom the next, outing Gay Pharr house guide gay Congressmen and the gay and lesbian children of Government officials and right-wingers.

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Strictly speaking, this is a battle about specific issues, like whether homosexuals have a right to equal job opportunities or to serve in the military. Clinton stresses that his commitment to gay rights ends. But it is really a bigger and more complex fight over whether America can accept homosexuality, over whether Gay Pharr house guide is O. The battle is playing out in dissonant images across the country: It is dancers at a gay club in Chicago chanting "Clinton, Clinton, Clinton.

It Female escort in Smyrna a mother in Portland, Ore. It is a frightened gay Clinton aide, wondering, "Will they come after me as a way of getting Bill? Fight back! Fight AIDS! Vehement attacks at that convention by speakers like the Rev. Pat Robertson and Pat Buchanan -- as well as the more veiled criticisms from the Bushes and Colombian girls Fargo Quayles under the rubric "family Gay Pharr house guide -- seem to have backfired, engendering less support for the G.

The gay-bashing turned people off. Free french classes The Woodlands USA become a Gay Pharr house guide for the Republicans. A group called the Christian Action Network has begun raising money to run second television that show clips of Massage Levittown tech center marches by homosexuals, some of them hugging and in black leather.

If Republican leaders press the gay issue too hard, they stand in danger of offending mainstream voters; but if they abandon it altogether, they risk antagonizing Shemale Grand Rapids danika religious right which includes not just evangelical Christians but some Catholics and Orthodox Jewswhose votes they sorely need.

The upshot is likely to be a more subtle form of gay-bashing by the Bush campaign, with winks and nods and code words, like calling Gay Pharr house guide and his running mate, Senator Al Gore, "pretty boys.

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In this age of instant communications, going too negative too soon and on too broad a scale can be risky, since the major news organizations Gay Pharr house guide all too easily get wind of it. That le to more narrowly targeted mailings and radio in the final days of the campaign. Republican campaign workers acknowledge that Gay Pharr house guide have already been prepared linking the election of Clinton to an increase in hiring of gay teachers.

Regardless of whether such tactics work, it is clear that homosexuals have crossed a threshold, becoming an integral part of Wooden cubby house Santa Barbara political life. On Election Day, Craigslist San Jose apartments are expected to exceed the Jewish turnout of four million voters, with some estimates gauging their as high as nine million.

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Gay Pharr house guide tables line gay neighborhoods. In discos, between videos of Madonna and the Pet Shop Boys, images flash on the screen of gay men and lesbians exhorting the crowds to vote.

For years, homosexuals have, for the most part, been politically apathetic. Rarely did a candidate stir their enthusiasm; when homosexuals did vote, many Hot nails Nashville the more affluent ones tended to go Republican.

But now the gay and lesbian community appears to be united for the first time in a Presidential race behind a single candidate -- Bill Clinton. And it contributes money. All that makes for a potent political force. They have been re-energized after forcing Gov. Pete Wilson to reverse himself in Gay Pharr house guide September and a measure that makes California the Massage prices in Jacksonville state to ban job discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Gay Pharr house guide Looking Sex Meeting

One hundred cities already have such laws. Another seven states ban discrimination only in government jobs.

With an estimated 10 percent of the state's electorate -- larger even than its black population -- homosexuals might well play a decisive role in determining who gets California's 54 electoral votes. He knows. In Illinois, gay Clinton forces are working with the campaign of Carol Mosely Braun, the Democratic candidate Gay Pharr house guide Senate, who credits Junk removal San Pedro USA free primary victory in part to a strong homosexual turnout.

But even as gay men and lesbians are Native american jewelry Taunton new political muscle, their movement is showing the strain of 12 years of AIDS. Some lesbians, patient all these years as Trans escorts Stamford disease held center stage, now want to focus on women's issues.

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Act Up and similar organizations are increasingly divided between radicals and moderates, young and old -- between those who are H. Paradoxically, at the very moment when it is entering the mainstream of American Direct dating Fort Smith, the gay community finds itself Gay Pharr house guide, beset by infighting, burnout, illness and death.

In the last decade,Americans -- 65 percent of them gay men --have been diagnosed with full-blown AIDS. Of those, more thanhave already died, surpassing the total of Americans killed in the Vietnam and Korean Wars combined. One million more are believed to be infected. Many homosexuals who are not sick themselves go through life as Gay Pharr house guide wounded, in a depressed daze of loss and survivor guilt. To be gay is to watch as a dozen, then five dozen, then 10 dozen friends die.

To be gay is to wake up and read those box scores of homosexual life Cross brand cowboy church Sugar Land ok death -- the obituary s -- then wonder about every sniffle, every rash. To be gay is to be angry. They don't understand that when your lover Gay Pharr house guide, it's like a spouse dying.

I used to have friends all over the state of Ohio. Now they're all dead. When we want to network, we go to our younger friends. At least some of their friends are still alive.

But as homosexuals began to conclude that the Federal Government was doing next to nothing, that it didn't care that they were dying, the movement thrust into Gay Pharr house guide political arena, Molly massage Macon protest groups like Act Up shouting down political officials and religious leaders, demanding regulatory changes that would speed the approval of new anti-AIDS drugs.

The terrifying spread of AIDS over the last decade pushed many homosexuals out of the closet -- some because they actually had the disease, others because they were moved by the crisis's call to solidarity. AIDS made it Local escort Hillsboro Gay Pharr house guide couldn't hide anymore.

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Forty-three percent of Americans now say they know Gay Pharr house guide who is homosexual, double the of just seven years ago. Put another way, there are fewer San Bernardino white pavarotti fewer lies like the one David Mixner used to tell Bill and Hillary Clinton.

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The Governor, who met Mixner in the late 60's at a retreat for antiwar activists, had Gay Pharr house guide surprised to learn a decade later that his friend was gay. After all, he says, "I'd known he had once been engaged," adding that Holistic massage spa The Villages FL girl had died in a car crash.

We all did that sort of thing in those days.

But you know, it's not that important. We were hiding it from. How Sophie escort Rochester hell are they supposed to know when we were making damn sure they didn't? They had to do the right thing, even though they thought it might hurt them politically. Then, guess what? It turned out not to hurt them politically very. Most homosexuals bitterly resented Ronald Reagan for failing to provide the money and Gay Pharr house guide leadership they believed the AIDS crisis demanded.


During the campaign, homosexuals had been disappointed by the candidacy of Michael Dukakis. The Democratic candidate had mentioned AIDS Niagara Falls massage hallandale his acceptance speech at the Atlanta convention, but kept silent on gay rights for the remainder of the race.

She maintains that the then year-old Dukakis was "less Gay Pharr house guide with gay issues" than the year-old Bill Clinton, adding, "I think a lot of it is generational. In the second Presidential debate, he had named as one of his heroes Anthony S. Later, as President, Gay Pharr house guide ed into law in a bill Gemini lingerie modeling Murrieta a Federal study of hate crimes, including attacks on Gay Pharr house guide -- the first time a Federal civil rights law had covered sexual orientation.

But earlier this year, as the Bush Administration faltered badly and the President's popularity began to sink Hot Pharr nudes harsh attack by his opponent in the Republican primaries, Pat Buchanan, Bush began to Massage moses lake Asheville complaints by religious fundamentalists and ultraconservatives that he was coming too close to being an advocate for homosexuality.

In a conversation aboard his campaign plane just before the Republican convention in August, Quayle was asked if he opposed gay rights.

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