Take Care of YOU Challenge

Take Care of YOU Challenge

Life is busy hella crazy and finding time to be and grow as an individual – not a mom, professional or a wife – is SO hard to do. Time you could spend focusing on yourself is often given up to make dinner, clean the house, or talk a screaming toddler off the ledge. But, it’s time to take some … Read More

Living in the Here & Now Using 3 Simple Steps

I recently had a wake-up call that taught me about living in the here and now. I’d been spending all my time thinking that if I could just lose 20 pounds I’d feel so much better about myself, or if I could just fast-forward the next few months, life would be so much easier. One day as I was spiraling … Read More

Little-Known Crucial Money Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage

Money Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage

Did you know that only about ⅓ of couples talk about money before getting married or moving in together? Before I married my seriously awesome husband, I was determined NOT to be one of those couples, so I asked him a bunch of questions about finances. I thought we’d talked about all the important money issues. We both had pretty … Read More