Little-Known Crucial Money Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage

Money Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage

Did you know that only about ⅓ of couples talk about money before getting married or moving in together? Before I married my seriously awesome husband, I was determined NOT to be one of those couples, so I asked him a bunch of questions about finances. I thought we’d talked about all the important money issues. We both had pretty … Read More

Don’t Give Up on Your Budget! Use These 3 Steps Instead.

Next time you feel like blowing the budget, talk yourself out of it by using these 3 steps.

What do you do when you’re broke, stressed to the max about money, and want to give up on your budget? It might be tempting to throw in the towel, say, “To heck with it!”, and go on a spending spree. Or maybe you just have a good old-fashioned breakdown! Yeah, we’ve all been there. And sometimes a good cry … Read More