5 Ways You Shouldn’t Ask for a Raise

Let’s just say the last time I had a serious career/money talk with my boss it didn’t go so well. Long story short, I ended up crying (hard) in his office and had to take a taxi home because I didn’t want to sob on public transit. Good times… But, as much as this experience was embarrassing – like REALLY … Read More

How to Plan Thanksgiving (for Busy Moms)

How to Plan Thanksgiving for Busy Moms Plus Free Printable Planner

For many people, thinking about Thanksgiving dinner brings visions of turkey and pumpkin pie appearing effortlessly in front of them. But for busy moms (who are often the ones cooking dinner) Thanksgiving can be stressful. The reality is that Thanksgiving is awesome, but that fabulous dinner takes lots of coordinating. So, if you’re an overworked mom looking for help with … Read More

Take Care of YOU Challenge

Take Care of YOU Challenge

Life is busy hella crazy and finding time to be and grow as an individual – not a mom, professional or a wife – is SO hard to do. Time you could spend focusing on yourself is often given up to make dinner, clean the house, or talk a screaming toddler off the ledge. But, it’s time to take some … Read More

How to Make Healthy Meal Plans for Cheap

Make healthy meal plans for cheap

Did you know you could save money by making healthy meal plans and sticking to them? It’s true! In 2015, Canadians with kids spent $276/month eating out and in 2014 the average American spent more money eating out than buying groceries! If you eat out like the average American or Canadian, or if you overspend on your groceries, meal planning … Read More

Living in the Here & Now Using 3 Simple Steps

I recently had a wake-up call that taught me about living in the here and now. I’d been spending all my time thinking that if I could just lose 20 pounds I’d feel so much better about myself, or if I could just fast-forward the next few months, life would be so much easier. One day as I was spiraling … Read More

How to Stick to Your Budget in September 2017

How to Stick to your Budget in September

Did you know that in 2016 the average American’s credit card debt rose to $8,377? That’s a big number, and it doesn’t even account for lines of credit and other forms of debt! Judging by those numbers, I’m guessing a lot of Americans are having a hard time sticking to a budget. If you’re one of those people who have … Read More

Where to Buy Your Back to School Supplies Cheap in 2017

Buy Back to School Supplies Cheap in 2017

*This post contains affiliate links. That means we might be compensated if you purchase producs/services through links in this post. Check out our Terms of Service for more info.  With the new school year coming up, it’s time for parents of school-aged children to start thinking about buying back to school supplies. And if you’re anything like me, you’d probably … Read More

Little-Known Crucial Money Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage

Money Questions for Couples to Ask Before Marriage

Did you know that only about ⅓ of couples talk about money before getting married or moving in together? Before I married my seriously awesome husband, I was determined NOT to be one of those couples, so I asked him a bunch of questions about finances. I thought we’d talked about all the important money issues. We both had pretty … Read More

Ultimate List of Free Father’s Day Printables for 2017: Cards, Coupons, and More

Free Father's Day Printable Cards

Father’s Day is coming up soon, and if you’re like me, you’re trying to think of ways to celebrate the dads in your life without breaking the bank. The following free printables are perfect for making dad feel special, and they don’t cost a fortune. Below you’ll find printable father’s day cards, free father’s day gifts, and more. Just load … Read More